Saturday, November 19, 2016

Generation Nine — Chapter Two: Bachelorette Number Two, What Would You Say If …

    Seth tumbled into bed exhausted but not defeated. Luckily, for him, he had a few other young female Sim acquaintances. He slept soundly until after ten o’clock. The only real problem with this was the maid was likely busy at work. He sprang out of bed, went to the adjacent bathroom and found to his dismay, the nightly visitors had wreaked havoc. The sink was spewing water everywhere and the shower was now more of a fountain. He’d have to shower downstairs in the main bathroom.
    Shedding his clothes, Seth stepped into the shower/tub, singing away, which was now his favorite pastime, when he noticed through the glass shower door that the maid, Hajarh Chafik was giving him quite the once-over. In fact, instead of being horrendously embarrassed, it actually served to bolster his ego, since she hadn’t fled the room. Maybe he was a hunk, after all? Finally, she went about other duties, allowing him to get out and get dressed.
    Taking out his cell phone, again, he was trolling through the names on his contact list. Joslyn Barrera.  Once again, he invited this second girl to meet him at Magnolia Park. Only this time, he decided if the talk went well, he’d invite her to Millie’s for some breakfast. He was starving.  Happily, too, his sisters were already at work. He’d learned at a very young age, to keep his life private from those two gossip-mongers.

    While he stood at the entrance to the park, he took a moment to scroll through Hannah’s blog. It wasn’t bad. He also noticed she had around forty followers. Good for her. He’d have to be sure to let her know he’d read her work and congratulate her.
    “Joslyn,” he greeted. A second later who should jog by. Darling Walsh. Probably picking the park as a rendezvous point was not his best idea. Not for both of  his prospective dates. To his great gratitude, if Darling even noticed him, she didn’t show it but continued on her jog without missing a beat. “You look fabulous. How have you been? Missed school at all?”
    “Seth. You know, I always thought you were so very cute. Now, look at you.”
    “So, are you hungry? I was thinking we could go to Millie’s and get some breakfast. You do eat breakfast, right?”


  “Oh, I never skip a meal,” she grinned.
    Talking in a booth, which wasn’t the same booth, at least, Seth learned that Joslyn was a loner. His father was a loner and sometimes that wasn’t always a good thing. Sure, everyone needs time alone, but not when those closest to you start to suffer from your self-imposed isolation. Suffice it to say, they parted company and Seth was beginning to wonder if he was being too picky. He liked Joslyn. She was pretty and wasn’t afraid of her femininity. Unlike Darling.

   To his profound surprise, his phone rang just a few short days later. Joslyn was inviting him out, this time. Obviously, it wasn’t a total bust. He agreed to meet her at the Old Alcove. The waiter set them up at the corner table. They poured over the menu and finally decided on something to eat.  Joslyn proved to be a bit of a glutton, scarfing her food down as if there was no tomorrow. He was quietly appalled at her lack of table etiquette. But, he invited her to San Myshuno anyway. There was a Spicy Food Festival going on and he thought she just might enjoy it. He was also trying to get over being so picky himself. At this rate, he’d be an old man before he had any children.

  The first thing he hit was the Karaoke bar. That was fun. Then they wandered over to the festival, itself, across the way. Together they both sampled some of the food before settling on a dish to eat. After they’d eaten she disappeared. Seth realized she’d also gone over to sing Karaoke. He joined her in the private room. Taking a seat together, he tried to engage her in more conversation. He regaled her with a few stories. Then when she appeared to be growing a bit bored, he tossed a crazy idea at her. Then he flirted. 

    Once again, Seth realized he’d struck out.
    The ‘date’ ended and he dragged himself home. Falling into bed he slept soundly.


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