Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Generation Nine — Chapter Five: Why You Should Never Give Up … (Challenge End)

  Seeking to propose to Mizuki while she was in labor, Seth quickly learned, wasn’t his best moment. He thought, surely, by now she would have given the whole marriage thing a rethink. Timing wasn’t on Seth’s side, to be sure. They talked, flirted, made really nice with each other and she was so favorably disposed toward him, he decided to try again. He was only sorry it took him this long to get over his funk, brought about by losing his mother so abruptly, or he would have proposed again much sooner. And not while she was in the throes of her travail.
    Down on his knee he went. Gazing up at her with love all over his face, he pulled the heretofore offered ring out of his pocket and lifted it up to her. “Mizuki, I love you. Would you do me the honor —” Seth couldn’t believe his eyes, watching as she slapped the ring right out of his hands. She may as well have been hitting a baseball out of the park for all of the force she used. The solitary diamond circlet flew through the air, clinking on the cement patio, as it came to rest, somewhere in the distance. He could hear the clattering noise as it rotated to a stop

    “I told you no once already,” Mizuki seethed. “What makes you think I’d say yes now? Did you seek to use my pain against me? Catch me in a moment of weakness?  You, you — you’re such a man!” That stung.
    Seth dragged himself to his feet. “I guess that’s a no.”
    “NO! Not now, not EVER.”

    “Okay, then,” he said and walked over to pick up the ring. What was he going to do with it now? He couldn’t take it back to the store, it was already sized just for Mizuki. He never dreamed she’d turn him down. Not once but twice. Stupid Wishing Well, he silently grumbled. It must have placed a curse on him. One that he’d managed to pay for, himself. To the tune of §1000.00. He was a fool.
    Mizuki finally had the baby, several hours later. It was a girl. They named her Miracle.
    When Seth awoke the next morning, the first thing he checked was the bassinet. It was empty. No traces of a baby anywhere to be seen. Not so much as a used diaper in the diaper pail. Nothing. No baby. He found the ring still in its box in the top dresser drawer in his old bedroom. He returned to their room. Mizuki rolled over in the bed, her large pregnant belly prominent. It was a dream. More like a nightmare, he decided.
    “Hi,” Mizuki said, smiling.
    “Hi,” he said back.
    “You’re up early.”
     “Couldn’t sleep anymore. Bad dream.”
    “Ah, I hate those,” she sat up on her elbows.  “I’ve had plenty since I got pregnant. Sometimes I’m drowning. Sometimes I can’t find the baby anywhere. I can hear it cry, but I can’t find it.”
    Seth sat down on the edge of the bed and patted her hand. “Sounds scary.”
    “I wake up in a cold sweat.”
    “Yeah, I know the feeling. Think I’ll just go grab a shower.”

    Seth sang while he showered and it gave him a wonderful idea. He would propose to Mizuki again, today. They ate breakfast out on the patio with his father and the girls. Betsy went off to work, and so did Trenton. Hannah had a couple of days off before she was to return to work. When the time was just right, Seth made a point of getting Mizuki alone. He flirted with her, professed his undying love, and in the hopes of sealing the deal, serenaded her.
    This seemed to have the right effect on her. Mizuki all but melted with his attention. Then he leaned over and kissed her hand, making sure the mood was properly set. Once he felt he had succeeded in this, he got down on one knee. “Mizuki, I love you,” he began. “We’re about to be parents. So, I’ll ask you again. Would you do me the honor of becoming my wife? If not for me, but for the baby’s sake.” Seth presented the ring and almost cringed, closing his eyes and expecting it to be harshly slapped out of his grasp. However, that was a dream. This was reality. Mizuki got a very soft look in her eyes, reached for the ring and put it on. Holding her hand out, she admired it.

    “Yes, yes. Oh, yes!” she cried and jumped into his arms. “I didn’t think you would ask again. Yes!”
    Since Mizuki was very close to her due date, Seth decided to quickly plan the wedding. They would marry at the park in San Myshuno. He got everything arranged and off they went. Gramps took a brief nap once they arrived at the venue. Then he made a gorgeous white wedding cake. Shortly after they got there, Mizuki got an odd look on her face. Seth took her hand and gave it a squeeze.
    “You okay? Not having a change of heart, are you?”
    “No, but I think I may be having a baby tonight. Let’s have the ceremony and quickly —”
    Mizuki moaned and the two headed for the wedding arch. Trenton followed, as well as Betsy and Hannah. Gramps was busy in the kitchen. The two quickly said their vows to each other and Mizuki placed a ring on Seth’s hand. They kissed, and on the other side of the wedding arch, fireworks went off.
    Before they could even cut the cake, however, Seth realized he needed to get his bride to the hospital. He pulled out his cell phone, ordered a taxi and then called the Willow Creek Community Clinic to advise them, they were on their way. For a few moments, Seth was frightened that Mizuki would give birth in the back seat of the cab. They’d really left things for too long.
    The cab pulled in front of the Clinic, and the two scrambled out of the taxi.  “Hey, somebody, we need some help here!” Seth hollered. An orderly came out front and Mizuki was admitted to the hospital.  “I’m so hungry,” Mizuki complained. Seth, frantic by this time, ran inside, waving his arms.
    “Food, she needs food,” he said. The nurses pointed to the break room. Seth returned to his bride with a plate of food. “Here,” he said.
    Mizuki got nothing to eat that evening. The intern led her into the Operating Room, where she laid down upon the table. Feeling incredibly nervous, she wondered just what she had gotten herself into. Trenton soon appeared in the room and the doctor proceeded to delivery the baby. A beautiful, healthy baby boy.
    “It’s a boy?” Seth said, “I have a son?”
    “Yes, Mister Cantrell, you have a son. What’s his name?” the doctor said studiously filling out the birth certificate.
    “His name?”
    “Yes, his name. You’ve picked one out, haven’t you. You’ve had three days, after all.”
    “Erick. Erick Cantrell,” he said. “Not spelled quite the same way, but to honor our Ancestor all the same. Mizuki was released from the hospital in just a couple of hours. The new little family went home and the baby was placed into his own little bassinet.
    “I can’t believe we have a son,” Mizuki said.
    “I can’t believe it’s all over,” Seth smiled. “To think we started with an Erik and ended with one. I love you, Mizuki, thank you for marrying me.” With that he kissed her.



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