Saturday, November 12, 2016

Generation Eight — Chapter Six: In the Face of Temptation

   Trenton sighed. He loved his wife very much. Yes, she was older and her age was showing. Yes, he was a much younger man. However, fending off the Babes was beginning to get difficult for him. He had no idea he was so desirable. Of course, Tiana was having similar problems, but then again she was lovely. Even into her advanced years. He certainly was a lucky Sim. Learning just how lucky when coming downstairs one evening to get some ice cream, he overheard her on the phone, “Raiden, I told you, I’m a married woman — I have triplets. Get it into your head, I’m not interested.” She sounded very insistent. Firm. That filled Trenton with resolve. If ever he wavered, he’d remember her loyalty.
    Not long after this moment, he found himself tested. This one Sim kept showing up wherever he went. Out dancing at the club, you name it there she was. Not only that but she was also proving rather aggressive. He was reminded of an old movie he once saw about a woman who was relentless in her pursuit of a married man and went so far as to kill the family’s pet when spurned. He was scared witless. He was a little afraid, now, that exact scenario was playing out in his own life. Once again he got a text message. ‘Trenton, I have been thinking about you a lot. Do you want to go to Old Alcove for dinner?’

    He quickly tapped back his response. ‘Sure, meet you there.’
    Feeling a tad awkward, Trenton went to his old restaurant. As he walked along, he rehearsed in his head just what he was going to say to this Sim. This wasn’t her first invitation. She was one of several who kept badgering him. By now you’d think he would remember her name, but he just didn’t. Seeing her up ahead, however, he did recognize her, yet her name eluded him, still. Taking in a deep breath he steeled himself for the encounter. Trenton flagged her down, and trotted quickly to catch up to her.
    “Ah, you made it,” she said, smiling.
    “Yeah, I did. But only because we need to have a little talk. A chat. And doing it over text or even the phone just isn’t — how do I put this? Good manners.”  He wanted to tell her that method wasn’t working, but that dead rabbit scene flashed in his head, and he thought better of it. Taking her by the arm, he turned her so she was facing him. “You have got to stop calling me like this. I’ve tried to be nice. I’ve tried to explain to you that I’m a married man. I have three children. Triplets. Teenagers. There can’t be anything between us.”  
     “No? You’re here, the restaurant is right here, and the night is young,” she said. “Why don’t we just go in, have a drink or two, or three, and a bite to eat? Where’s the harm in that?” She moved toward him, wrapping her arms about him, pulling him in closer. He could feel her hot breath on his neck. Trenton took her arms, gently untwining himself from her grasp, taking a step back.

    “You just won’t quit, will you?” He was starting to get a little annoyed.
    “I make a point to never give up. So far, the strategy works. I do get what I want. And I want you, Trenton Cantrell.  I used to come to the Old Alcove all of the time,  just to see you. And then suddenly you sold the place and left. Remember me? I was one of your regulars.”
    “No thanks. I’m not on the menu. Goodbye.”
    “Wait. What? You can’t just leave, again. Just like that. You accepted my invitation for dinner, after all.”
    “Watch me. Oh, and forget my number — please.”
    “But, I always get what I want —”
    Trenton turned back toward her. “Not this time.”

    With that she turned and walked down the sidewalk, passed the restaurant. Trenton watched for a time and then returned home.
    Tiana was in the kitchen when he got back. “There you are? I was wondering where you disappeared to.”
    “I took a walk. I just needed to get something off of my chest.”
    “Well, I do understand that sometimes you just need to be alone. But, I was hoping you’d allow me to share some alone time with you. The children are out for a few hours. Maybe, we could ‘get together’ like old times. If you take my meaning.” She looked gorgeous to him. He smiled, flirted and she did the same back.
    Next thing he knew they were running up the stairs to their bedroom like a couple of kids. They flirted, kissed, made woohoo and all but burned up the sheets with their passion. It was nice to know they hadn’t lost it. He did love Tiana so very much.


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