Saturday, September 10, 2016

Generation Seven — Chapter Six: A Cantrell Curse?

Trenton became a teen shortly after James got started in his restaurant business. James was anxious to get the boy trained for his eventual ownership of the Oak Alcove Diner, but it was decided, by all concerned, to keep the placed closed for a few days out of respect for Kai Mena and his family. Then, it was back to the grill. In looking around at the changes Jett had made, he found himself pleased. Jett did okay, even with the remodeling — although he should have consulted him, first.
Even so, they kept their same work schedules. Jett worked the entire weekend, including Fridays and Mondays and James took the three remaining days. Once in awhile, when it got to be too much, James would call Jett in to take over. Occasionally, Trenton would be called in, so he could get a feel for things. On this one particular day, James found himself wearing thin. The place had been busy from the moment they opened almost non-stop for eight hours straight. While he was glad the place rated four and a half stars, it was exhausting all the same.  Seriously needing a nap, James phoned Jett.
“Hey, Jett,” he said into the phone. “I could use a break. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I’m exhausted. Can you come down and finish off the shift for me? I know, I know, it’s close to closing. But I’m close to passing out, here. Yeah, I know, I owe you one. And thanks.”
Before too long Jett arrived.   
“Hey, big brother, you’re looking a little peaked around the edges, you okay?”
“Yeah, yeah, it’s just been a long day. I did close at my regular job last night, but somehow I guess I didn’t get enough sleep. I kept having this really weird dream, you know? Shook me to my core. Sorry, about this.”
“No, no, I could use the spare change. You go on, I’ll close for the night.”
“Thanks, and I’ll be here tomorrow, don’t worry.”

With that, James left through the kitchen and headed back to Willow Creek. As he arrived on their street, just walking up the drive to their house, he saw Carley standing at their mailbox.
“Carley,” he said, waving to her. He’d wanted to let her know he was home early, hoping to discuss just how they were going to pay that wicked utility bill before the Company shut off their lights when all at once, over his head he heard a most curious noise. A thrumming of sorts. Next thing he knew he was bathed in a bright beam of light. He couldn’t speak, blink his eyes or move in any way. He wanted to cry out, but nothing came from his mouth. Paralyzed, as he was lifted right off of the very ground he stood upon.

What was happening?
Trenton came running out of the house. He knew his mother had gone out front to mail a check. He heard a weird noise above him. The entire house almost rattled off of its foundation. Was that some kind of space craft — a flying saucer that flitted right out of sight?
“Mom!” he cried as he reached her and hugged her tight. “Are you all right, what was that?”
“Oh, Trenton. Trenton, they took your father!”
“W-w-who took Dad? Mom, what was that noise?”
“Space ship. It’s happened again. This family is cursed or something.”

“Mom, you’re sounding a bit hysterical.”
“I couldn’t move. I heard your father greet me, but before I could ask why he was home so early, a bright light bathed the drive and I couldn’t move or even cry out.”
“It’s okay, Mom, I’ve got you,” he said, holding her tight.
“You do realize that although your skin in a normal Sim tone, that you’re part alien.”
“What? Mom, did you bump your head or something? I know you want to be an astronaut and all, but seriously?”
“No, it’s true. Rory was bound and determined to understand all about aliens. You see his first two sons, your father and uncle John have normal skin tone, so he thought that it took four generations before the skin became human Sim tone again. But then, your younger two uncles, Jarod and Jett are lavender again. His theory was destroyed and I think it drove him mad.”
“Wait, wait, what? Are you saying Grandpa Rory was abducted?”
“No, it happened years before.  Gramp’s son Ayden was abducted, first. But, he was an Elder, so if he was impregnated, it didn’t take. I’m guessing maybe he was tested, more to see if his line would be a good specimen. Then, as it happened, his son Nathaniel, moments before his wedding, was abducted. He had little lavender alien twins, a girl and a boy. Marc, your great- grandfather. He had Joseph and Joseph had Rory. So, you see you’re the fourth generation from an alien impregnation. I guess the men in this family are deemed specimens.”
“I don’t like this,” Trenton said. “I’m too old to have a younger sibling. This is ludicrous.”
Staring up at the night sky, “I just hope your father’s okay.”
“Well, let’s get inside before anything more freakish happens.” Trenton, an arm around his mother’s shoulders drew her inside.  

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