Friday, September 23, 2016

Generation Seven— Chapter Nine: Love At First Sight, Effects of the Red Grape, Or Just Plain Flirty?

     Trenton had met a few girls, cloud-gazed with one, in particular, but so far he was striking out. He just wasn’t finding the right one. That one special Sim who caught his attention, filled up his thoughts with her and her alone. After dabbling with romance, and experiencing the responsibility of running his father’s diner, he now felt  ready to have a serious relationship.  
    At least, he felt a strong need, as his father’s only child, to carry on the family legacy.  Dad wasn’t getting any younger, after all. And there were no other siblings, even after his father had been abducted. Perhaps, the Aliens were just doing what they had threatened to do — check up on the family from time to time. Part of him was relieved his father hadn’t conceived, but on the flip side of things, he was disappointed, too. Might have been nice to have a much younger sibling to pick on. Being a loner didn’t preclude him from ever being lonely.  Sometimes, he did wonder what it would have been like, to not be an only child. 

   His sole position meant it was left to him to carry on the family name, which also meant  finding the right girl with whom to settle down. Someone who could understand him. Who saw things as he did, shared his hopes and his dreams. A partner, not just a wife. So, he chose to go to Magnolia Park one early evening after work. There he saw this most beautiful blonde Sim playing chess all by herself.  
“Mind if I join in?” he said, taking the seat opposite her, even before she’d had a chance to respond. All the while the thought danced through his head, I think I love you.
She looked up over her black, horn-rim glasses and smiled. “Not at all. I get bored playing chess against myself. I win and lose, both at the same time.”
Trenton smiled and chuckled at that. “I know what you mean. It’s hard to gain skill if you’re always playing by yourself — against yourself. So, does that mean you’re single?”
Suddenly, she was blushing. Smooth, Trenton, smooth. “Ah-I-didn’t mean …”
“That’s okay,” she said. “It’s been a few weeks since he decided we should just be friends. So, yes. I’m single. And you?”
Now, it was his turn to feel awkward. “Kinda a loner.”
“Oh. Maybe I should go back to fishing,” she said, as she started to stand. Trenton reached out across the chess table.
“No, no, that’s not what I meant at all. I did ask to join you, remember?”

“That you did.”
“My name is Trenton. Trenton Cantrell.”
“Tiana Longoria, so nice to meet you, Trenton. So, what do you do for a living?”
“Ever been to Newcrest?
“Yes, once or twice.”
“Ever heard of the Old Alcove Diner?
“I hear they’ve got great prices, and great service. But, I’ve never actually been there. I may have walked by…”
“My Dad owns the place. I’m a Manager there. Eventually, it will be mine.”
“Oh, well, that sounds interesting.”
“Check-mate,” he said, moving his bishop in direct line with her king. She had nowhere to take her king. Trenton grabbed his phone from his pocket. “Tiana Longoria, may I have your phone number, please?”   
“Only if you give me yours, too.” He smiled at that. She wasn’t a push-over, he liked that.
Trenton left the park shortly thereafter. He noticed a spring to his step as he walked home. Saying her name over and over in his head as he went. A few frenetic shifts working at the diner later, Trenton gave Tiana a quick call, asking her to meet him at the Blue Velvet Night Club downtown Willow Creek. They talked, they had a drink together and then feeling hungry, but not for bar food, he asked her on a date. Immediately, the two were swept to Windenburg to the Chez Llama. 
“Wow, look at this place,” Tiana said, gazing around at the ritzy restaurant. “I thought we’d be eating at the Old Alcove.
 “Not tonight,” he said with a sly smile. “This is a date.”

The two, all dressed up in their finery, walked into the restaurant. Trenton smiled at the Hostess, “Table for two, please,” he said. The Sim took her time going over her map of the place before she took out her grease pen and made a mark on the page. 
“Right this way,” she said, leading them down the three steps and to a table on the left.
“Thank you,” Trenton said. He held the chair for Tiana and then sat opposite her. They both took up the menus and began to have a look. 
“Um, everything looks so good.”
Gazing across the table at her, “Yes, it does.”
When Trenton caught the eye of their waitress, he proceeded to order two glasses of the Chef’s Choice Red, and an appetizer for each of them. By then the place began to fill up. The two chatted and got to know each other. Trenton told a few jokes, and was glad she laughed at them. A genuine laugh. Apparently, she got him, his sense of humor. Then they began talking about what they each wanted out of life. He was amazed her dreams were so close to his. Finally, their order arrived and they continued to talk, over sips of the Red Grape, and when Trenton saw the appetizer, he grabbed his phone and snapped a quick picture of  the experimental dish. This was something interesting, he decided, and had the thought he may even include it on a future menu at the diner, if he could figure it out. One day, he hoped to upgrade the place to more of a fine dining experience.  
Trenton didn’t know if it was Tiana, so beautiful in her evening gown, her hair up-swept, her back nearly bare, or if it was the atmosphere, or the effects of the red grape, but suddenly he felt very flirty. He blew kisses at her, she responded in kind. Things were heating up between them. Caught up in the romance of this place, he kissed her. And then he kissed her again, wishing one of those flowery bushes was around. He even plucked a red rose from a nearby vase and presented it to her, which she shyly took. Next thing he knew, he was down on a knee, fishing for the ring he’d just purchased.  Yes, he was intent on finding that one right female Sim.  He had things all planned out in his head. Holding it up to her, “Tiana, will you marry me?”
“Oh, my goodness!” She said, eyes wide as she gazed at the rock her presented. “I knew you were the one when you walked up to me in the park. Yes. Yes, I will marry you, Trenton Cantrell.” She extended her hand to him and he slipped the ring, which fit her perfectly, onto her finger.
Dropping her off at her place, he took his time walking home again. He slept in late the next day. In the afternoon, he emerged from his room to find the remains of a birthday cake. Gramps was always one to bake a cake when called for.  The day was bright, a tad warm, and Trenton took a seat at the patio table with James, Jett and his ghostly ancestor. Whipping out his phone he texted Tiana. He couldn’t wait to introduce her to his family and to share their news.

     Once Tiana got there, he was quick to invite her to move in. Then he made a point to introduce her to his father.
“Dad, this is Tiana Longoria, the sweet angel I told you about. Tiana, this is my Dad.”
“So very nice to meet you Mister Cantrell.”
“Call me James, please,” he said, offering his hand to shake.
“Dad, I’ve invited Tiana to move in. We’re engaged,” Trenton took Tiana’s hand and showed off the ring.
“Well, I have to say you two have just made an old Sim very happy. Congratulations! You’re mother is going to be so excited.”   

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