Friday, August 5, 2016

Generation Six — Chapter Seven: A Timely Nudge

    Rory continued to work very hard. So hard that he got two promotions fairly close together. First they made him the Laboratory Leader, in which he made a valiant attempt to not abuse his new-found power. Although he admitted to having a streak of mischief wherein he would use mind control on his co-workers to make them either, sit, eat or to even change their clothing. He was shocked and amazed at what one female considered “formal wear”. Not at his formal event! No, thank you, ma’am.  
He even took care, being the neat-nick he was, to make sure he mind-controlled someone to do the daily cleaning of the lab. A tidy lab is a happy lab, he would chortle just before he used his ray on the chosen victim. He also admitted to picking on Kai for this chore more often than the others. What could he say? Kai was good at it. Apparently, his leadership was so well-received by the upper echelon, that he was promoted yet again. He now bore the title of Pioneer of New Technologies.
The Patriarch of the Cantrell family, was beginning to feel Time catching up to him. His heir, James, now a young adult Sim was unattached. Clare Mena, just wasn’t the one. Rory sighed. Getting home from the lab one early evening, James met him out front of the house. Perfect, Rory thought. The time had just presented itself to him.
“James,” he said, “just the Sim I was looking for.”
“Dad,” James smiled.
“Two things. One, have you found a job, yet? And two, what are your prospects for marriage?”
“Mm-mm–marriage? You expect me to get married?” the boy slowly backed away.
“Yes, you’re my chosen Heir, and soon you’ll be the Patriarch of this family. That means you must lead the way and keep the lineage going. Our resident ghost, Gramps, is the Founder of this branch of the family. You don’t want to let him down now, do you? Be a Sim. Find a nice young female and make a family. Once you do that, I’ll hand over the reigns to you.”

James just looked at Rory. “You’re kidding, right? You’ve had a hard day at work, and you’re just looking for a laugh. Sometimes, you remind me of Grandpa.”  James continued to laugh as he walked around to the back yard.  The boys were busy playing on the Slippery Slide. Rory decided to change into his swimsuit and join in on the fun. He also  noticed Aubrey was there and greeted her with a smile. He also saw Clare Mena in the line as they all awaited their turn on the wet mat.
“James,” he called out, as he came down the patio steps.  When James looked up, Rory, flagged him over. The youth left his place in line and gave his father his attention.
“Just so you don’t misunderstand, I wasn’t telling you to marry Clare. I recognize she’s merely a friend. Just don’t let her tie you down. Keep looking. I do know the right Sim is out there just for you. Okay?”
“Okay, Dad. I hear you.”  
A few days later, James went to Magnolia Park. The Whispering Wishing Well was there, and as he approached it, the face on the front seemed benevolent enough in expression. So, he decided to wish for a romance. A tad dubious, as once again the ‘face’ became hooded like the Grim Reaper. He recalled his first attempt back in high school, resulted in a teen girl appearing out of the distance, bearing a huge grudge against someone, and all the anger a Sim could muster that she didn’t mind spreading around. Suffice it to say, she was not the best company for a guy who just wished to go dancing and have a good time.
Happily, what happened was that his phone rang. “Hello?”
“James, it’s Aubrey, I hear there’s a rockin’ party at the bar, want to go?”
“Yeah, sure, I’ll meet you there.” Yes, James rubbed his hands together.
The ‘bar’ was actually a venue oftentimes rented for various occasions, weddings being one of them. “Aubrey,” he greeted upon seeing his aunt. Quickly, he took to the dance floor. Before long a gorgeous female Sim wandered through the dancers. James, spun around and smiled at her.
“Hey, hello,”
“Oh, hi.”
“James,” he said, offering his hand.
“Carly.  Carly Pease.” She was very pretty with dark hair.  Lean, but not skinny.
“Carly,” he said, letting her name roll off of his tongue. “So, what sort of work do you do?”
“Work? Ah, well, nothing just yet. I’m-ah-you might say, in between jobs. And you?”
“Okay, I’ve yet to venture into the job market, but I’m liking the idea of becoming a mixologist. My mother is in the culinary field, and so was my grandmother — whose name was also Karly. How funny is that, eh?”
“I guess there are a few of us around.”
“Feel like dancing?”
“Sure.” They took to the dance floor and all but danced their feet off. James really liked Carly, so before they went their separate ways, they exchanged phone numbers. 
“All right, I’ll call you,” he said.  
The attraction was very strong between them. James, not willing to allow the spark to sputter out and possibly die, was quick to invite her out again. She met him at the park. This time the two flirted, a lot.  “Be my girl?” James said. And gave her a rose.
“Marry me?” he held up a ring.
“We just met and you bought me a ring already?”
“Well? Will you?”
Carly jumped up and down excitedly. “Yes, yes, yes!” she slipped the ring onto her finger. He kissed her, she jumped into his arms, and then he whispered sweet nothings into her ear. They both got so very flirty with all of the banter, he took her home to his house, stole into his late grandfather’s room, locked the door and jumped into the bed with her. Which wasn’t exactly a smart way to go about things. Sadly, he totally forgot about protection and the multiple ghosts that came out on a nightly basis.  

Looky-loo’s everyone of them. “W-w-what was that?” Carly said, daring to peek out from underneath the covers.
“Don’t worry about it, it’s probably my long, late great-grandmother.”
“What are you saying? Is – is the place haunted or something?” She heard another noise and pulled the covers back over her head.
“Or something. Want to move-in? It’s a big place, plenty of room.”
“And — h-h-how many ghosts?”
“I’ve never actually counted, to be honest. Don’t worry, the only damage they do is to wreck the plumbing, for which my Gramps goes around and fixes. Daily.”
“Oh. Well, okay. I’ll move in.”
“Great. Wonderful! Well get your things tomorrow.”


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