Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Generation Seven— Chapter One: A Rocky Start


    James and Carley had been engaged for a few days. James got a job in the culinary field, hoping to make the jump from cook to mixologist in short order, so he practiced both cooking and mixing drinks. He and Carley had only had woohoo once, so he was stunned when she made her announcement. He was upstairs in the “family room” where most of the partying took place. It was also where they kept their bar, for this reason. 
     “James, I have Big News,” she began.
James looked up from the bar where he was trying very hard to replicate a drink he’d tasted recently. “You found the dress you wish to wear to our wedding?”
“No, not that kind of Big News. Big  Big News.”
“We’re getting married in just a few days, don’t you think you should try to find a dress?”
“Oh, I will,” she said. James set the cocktail shaker down.
“So,” he said. “Just what is this news, then?”  
“Brace yourself. I’m pregnant.”
“What? You can’t be pregnant. We only woohooed once.”  

“My Darling, that’s all it takes.”
This rattled James. He worked all the harder at gaining the proper skills to get a promotion. He would have another mouth to feed before too long. He and Carley went to the brand new Wedding Venue/Bar in Newcrest. They had a look around at the facility and really liked what they saw. The main floor was set up for a wedding ceremony; before you reached the wedding arch, if you made a left turn at the middle of the aisle, there was a cozy sitting area and beyond that two restrooms. Taking a right on that same aisle, it was set up with fancy white draped tables and chairs. Just beyond this area was a kitchen for the caterers to do their work. 
On a very nice neutral gray clothed draped two-tiered table, was a pedestal to show off the wedding cake. Downstairs was a full bar, a DJ rig and a dance floor, besides comfy seating where Sims could sit and chat. All-in-all, it was lovely. James watched Carley’s face. She smiled, and he knew they’d found the location for their wedding. He made a down payment to the proprietor to hold their chosen date.

A short time later, it was the Day. The invitations
had all gone out, the caterer and mixologist and a D J all hired. Everyone was dressed in their very best attire. Carley chose a beautiful black gown, which surprised him to some extent, but any more these days, a Sim wore what they wanted to their wedding. More like Times’ past, he realized. Either way, she looked lovely.  The gown fit nicely despite her pregnant belly which by now was huge. She looked as if she was about to burst. The time had arrived and James strolled up to the wedding arch, allowing himself to fantasized about weddings for just a moment. Pretty soon, Carley walked down the aisle, smiling and nodding as she recognized friends and family.
They weren’t long in front of the arch when Carley’s expression turned from radiant to one of sheer pain. 

“Carley,” James whispered. “What’s wrong?” 

“I’ll be right back,” she whispered. “I really, really have to use the restroom I don’t think I can wait.”
“O–okay,” he said. Smiling awkwardly as she walked back down the aisle and turned right. “Huh, Nature calls,” he told the guests with a shrug. True to her word, she wasn’t gone long. Again, she joined him at the wedding arch. Finally, the guests settled into the benches to watch as the couple quickly said their vows, and exchanged rings.
“OH,” Carley moaned, clutching at her extended belly. “I DOOOOO.”
“What’s the matter with you,” James said.  

“Let’s just finish the ceremony, quick. I’ve gone into labor.”
“Are you sure? Shouldn’t I get you to the hospital, instead?”
“What? So we can tell our son, he has really bad timing and his sudden appearance wrecked our wedding? I won’t do that to HIMMMMM.” 

“And, now, with the powers invested in me, and for the fact I’m standing right here, I pronounce you Sim and wife,” Kai said, quickly, bringing the ceremony to it’s proper conclusion.
“Ladies, and GentleSims, I present to you Mister and Mrs. James Cantrell. Now on with the par–Tay!”

           James kissed his bride and the two scurried out of the hall and to the hospital. Trenton was a human-toned Sim. Healthy, plump and rather good-looking according to his adoring parents. After just a few short hours, James brought his wife and new son home again.
“I’m so sorry we didn’t get to enjoy our wedding reception,” Carley said.
“Don’t worry about it. We’ll just throw a party here. I’ll have Gramps bake a fancy cake and we’ll just pretend. Okay? Right now, I just want to enjoy our little son.”
“I love you so much, James. We’re going to have a great life together, despite how it began.”
“That’s my girl.”  

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