Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Generation Four — Chapter Six: Birthday Bashes, That Weren't

   The twins' birthday was suddenly upon them. Life had been so busy, Marc was almost caught short. He hastily made arrangements for his youngest sons’ foray into teendom. Gramps made a nice hamburger cake and put the candles atop. It was placed upstairs in the Music Room, where they tried to have all of their gatherings. Josiah was quick to blow out the candles, but before his twin, Jameson, even had a chance to taste the frosting, the guests all but devoured the cake. This hurt his feelings, always feeling like the unexpected guest in his own home. 

    Gramps was on top of things, as usual. He called to his great-grandson, inviting him down to the kitchen.
“What’s this? I get my own cake?” The Sim said, eyes wide.
“Of course, you do. You may be his identical twin, but you’re still an individual and should be treated accordingly. So, this is your cake, complete with candles. Now, have at it.”
Jameson smiled, hugged his ghostly great-grandfather, and former Rock Star, and then got down to the business at hand. He blew out his very own birthday candles with glee. Then sparkles surrounded him, as he realized he was now a Teen.
“Wow, I’m almost there! Four more years of school and I’m out.” 
“Joseph has less than that,” Marc said, placing a hand on the shoulder of his youngest son. “Happy birthday.”
“Thanks, Dad.”
Except for this one unfortunate incident, the boys’ party was in a minor way, successful. Once again there were three teens in this house. Oh, the pandemonium! There were times Marc thought he’d entered a Frat House upon returning home from work. Must be getting old, or something. He sighed.
His own birthday came upon them just a few Sim days later. Joseph did his best to make it special. He invited family and a few friends down to the Dance Club in Windenburg. He even hired people to help. Sadly, the one thing he forgot all about was a cake. He saw that Gramps was busy in their kitchen, and for the time didn’t worry. However, the cake never made it to the Club. Dad did his best to make merry, but Joseph knew he was tired. Karly managed to get off work early, and both of his aunts made it. But while many enjoyed drinks at the Club’s bar, again, the lack of cake spoiled the moment. The party failed.  
Once they got home, Gramps placed the candles on the cake, he had, indeed, baked. So, the kitchen, the heart of any home, was the place where Marc blew out his candles and acknowledged he was now sixty-nine Sims days old. A Specialist, hoping to become a doctor before his life ended. 
Joseph sighed and gave his father a hug. He had much to learn, if he was going to be the next Patriarch of this family. In only six Sim days, he would be out of school. This worried him, as he was not yet prepared for it, having only a slight inclination to join the Science career. He didn’t have what it took to be a doctor like his father. But he was curious about aliens. And Dad was starting to show his age, which signaled to him, his father wouldn’t always be around.  

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