Monday, May 9, 2016

Generation Four — Chapter Five: A Toast To My Family … And Other Such Mishaps

Marc got off of a really rough shift at the Willow Creek Medical Clinic. He was exhausted, from having worked late, opting to work until he’d sorted out just what was wrong with the last patient he’d seen for the day. Finally, it became clear. The patient suffered from Triple Threat. Surgery was called for. Marc scrubbed up and donned his surgical gear, slipping his hands into the rubber gloves with a snap. 
There were some tense moments during the operation. First, the controls went a little blippy on him, to his surprise. Made him wonder if the technician made the glitch in the program worse, instead of eliminating it, as claimed. Finally, he pulled that bothersome plunger out of the patient, sealed the incision, and woke his patient up. Up she popped from the table as if nothing had happened. Marc was relieved and exhausted. He finally checked out and went home.
Today was Joseph’s birthday. He had much to prepare to be ready for it. Gramps had already baked the cake, so all Marc had to do was hire a few people and invite a few guests. Although it was a tad last-minute, he was happy to see how many showed up. Joseph was delighted, completely unaware of his father’s plans. Blowing out the candles, it was as if the boy grew right in front of the guests. 

      Before long, the lad began to take on a few more responsibilities, and to Marc’s delight, all on his own. The shower, once again broke down. The boy grabbed a wrench and worked at it until he’d managed to stop the never-ending fountain of water spewing everywhere, but mostly on the bathroom floor. 
      In time, Marc was promoted to Specialist. He still had to decide in which direction he’d go, but that meant more long hours of work. He all but stumbled home one evening, hungry, and after checking the refrigerator, disappointed that Karly hadn’t left them something to reheat, he took to the stove. Mistake. Before he knew it, the stove had caught fire! Luckily, Karly had just gotten home and she and the boys put him out. Thankfully, working in a restaurant, Karly had experience with kitchen fires. She also escorted the children out of the front door, to safety.

   A bit scorched, Marc was thankful that he would live to see the twins grow up.  Answering a phone call one night, he joined Janeille at the local dance club. This inspired him to make time for Karly, too. When Megan called inviting him to the Ruins, he asked Karly if she was interested. Her answer was in the affirmative, and so the two transported to meet Megan. Being a tad chilly, Marc lit the bonfire, hugging his wife to him. 


   They hadn’t been alone much, lately, and recalling how disastrous that could be, he turned their conversation to a more intimate one. Before long the two of them were feeling decidedly flirty, so looking around they spotted a bush — the kind of which he’d heard others had used for some woohoo.   

       Have to love workplace romantic gossip. Nodding in the direction of the bush, he was surprised Karly was game. The two sneaked passed the others and ducked into the shrub. Before too long, it was all but rocking. Whether it was the berries on the bush, the sweet fragrance the plant exuded or just the excitement of illicit public woohoo, Marc didn’t know, but he could swear fireworks went off. Best woohoo he’d had in a long time. With their reputations at stake, the two stealthily crept out of the bush. They wouldn’t soon forget this evening, each feeling as if they’d been recharged, somehow. A short time later they left the gathering to go home.  


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