Monday, March 28, 2016

Generation Three— Chapter Seven: When Wedding Bells Don't Chime

Nathaniel began to realize by just how poorly he was beginning to feel, that his days were numbered. He sat down on his days off and made sure to crank out those last two novels that were wrestling around inside of his head. Finally, the drafts were completed. He sent both manuscripts off to his publisher. By now, Marc was almost halfway up the ladder of his chosen career, and still no bride on the horizon. Nathaniel gave up hope of ever meeting his grandchildren. He knew from experience that finding that right someone didn’t come so easy. He wouldn’t mind Marc taking so much time at it, were he actually out looking.
Oh, he made a pretext of going out on the ‘town’. Nathaniel was certain it was just for his sake. Marc was half-alien, after all. Would he even have a family mind set about him? Nathaniel waited for the lad to return from the medical clinic late one afternoon. “Marc,” he hailed as the young Sim walked up the curvy drive. 

“How was work, you look tired.”
“Good. I even finally got the courage up to speak to Karly.”
“Karly? Who's this?”
“The receptionist at the clinic. She’s really nice. In fact I may ask her out on a date. That is, if you think it’s a good idea to take a girl to the park. I want to check out that wishing well uncle Jaylen talks about.”
“I think a park is just fine, son.” 
“Good, I’ll just call her, now.” Already the youth was on his cell phone. Nathaniel, feeling mildly encouraged with this news went inside the house. He just didn’t feel right.
Marc chatted with Karly, who met him at the park. Happy to learn she was single. They spoke about work, then moved to their mutual interests. The conversation grew deep at times. She was a very interesting person. He liked her — a lot. Kicking himself for taking so long just to speak to her. As they strolled farther into the park, he came face-to-face with the Whispering Wishing Well.  His uncle had suggested he offer the well a few Simoleons, if he desired for a positive outcome to his wish. Marc was sparing with his first offering. Only one hundred Simoleons. The well made it known his alms-giving was woefully inadequate. Not wishing to make a bitter mistake, Marc again reached into his pocket and made what he hoped was a more generous gift. One-thousand Simoleons. This time the well was pleased. 

“I wish for romance,” he said, in between bites of the hot dog Karly had grilled for them.
Plunking a single Simoleon into the well, this time, he could hear it splash. A strange green light emanated from the depths of the structure. Marc found himself having words he’d never had before in his head. He walked over to Karly, flirted with her and then boldly kissed her. She didn’t pull away, which was a good sign. He asked her to be his girlfriend. Her smile was alluring. They talked for a bit more, and then he got down on one knee and right there before the others at the park, proposed to her. She said yes and jumped into his arms. Marc was very happy. He couldn’t wait to tell his father. He knew Nathaniel was growing more and more on the morose side, the longer it took Marc to find someone. He hoped his news would perk the elder up. 

Jaylen was waiting out front when he returned. Odd, Marc thought. He was about to tell his uncle his great news when something drew him indoors. Seeing Grimmie at the park didn’t ease his mind, in the least. He barely made it to the dining room, when the girls cried out in anguish. There on the hardwood floor Nathaniel lay. Being in the medical profession, trusted to treat patients, Marc felt his father’s neck. No pulse.

“Dad, you can’t be gone. I just got engaged.” Cradling the Sims’ head in his lap, “Wake up. Dad, you’ve got to hear me. Karly and I are engaged. She said yes. I don’t even think she minds that I’m part alien. Oh, Dad. Oh, Dad. I’m sorry,” he sobbed. “I just wanted you to know my good news…”
Things were rough, but the triplets under the guidance of their ghostly great-grandfather and their uncle managed to get through the days. Karly and Marc decided she should move in, so they could save enough money for their wedding. Finally, the day arrived. Gramps was busy in the kitchen baking the cake, while the back patio was prepared for the ceremony. A beautiful wedding arch, with potted pink flowers to either side of it, with two rows of outdoor benches for the guests to be seated. The tables for the food and the special draped table for the cake were brought down from the grand room on the second floor. 

    Marc got into his tuxedo, the girls in their bridesmaid’s gowns of a light lavender. Gramps was the last to get dressed, stepping aside as the hired caterer took over his kitchen. Even uncle Jaylen looked all polished and ready for the Big Event. 
The guests streamed through the wide foyer. Marc decided to find his uncle so they could get things started. The Sim was in the formal living room, watching a comedy on the giant tv. Just as Marc came into the room, Jaylen clutched at his heart and slowly sidled to the floor. The guests, all in tears, gathered around him. Marc didn’t even try to bargain with Grimmie, this time. He’d been sorely rebuffed when he tried to plead for Nathaniel’s life. In a long line, his wedding guests trailed out through the back door of his house, and over to the row of headstones from their small family cemetery. The women weeping piteously. Marc found his bride and she clutched him tight, crying into his shoulder.

       “Marc, if you don’t mind too much, I think we should send everyone home for now.”
“Cancel the wedding?”
“Or course, we simply can’t carry on as if nothing has happened tonight. You’re uncle is dead. We’ll just postpone it for a few weeks. I wouldn’t feel right getting married under the present circumstances. It’s kinda creepy, don’t you think?”  

     Marc ran his hands up and down her arms, nodding. “I just really wanted to be with you, is all. I’m not in my right head. This isn’t how I’d imagined tonight would be. We should be dancing and making merry. I can’t believe he’s gone. Dad just died. And now Jaylen, too. I’m just so very sad.”
“Come,” Karly said, guiding him inside. “You need to eat something.” They sat at the dining room table, after each grabbed a serving of food the caterer had made.    


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