Saturday, March 19, 2016

Generation Three — Chapter Five: Boil, Boil, Toil and Bubble, Alien Twins Are So Much Trouble

   Nathaniel knew something was up. The twins, in particular, more than Janeille, anyway, were having a very difficult time as they made the transition from child to teen. At first, he was lulled into thinking it was the normal teenage angst that had beset both Megan and Marc. However, Megan was always gloomy, seemed to be part of her nature, so when she skipped school here and there, beginning in grade school and continuing throughout high school, he mostly shrugged it off. Megan, was just being Megan. What he didn’t anticipate, was the change in Marc. Marc had always been stalwart. The most level-headed of the three. Nathaniel did his best to remain close to his son, to help him become a man.
     Still, in the back of his mind were the words his grandfather spoke when the aliens released him again. “I can only hope my great-grandchildren won’t grow up to be so sinister in their aspirations.” Nathaniel’s anxiety kicked into high gear when he learned that both Megan and Marc were being rather careless in their behavior. Janeille complained mightily when Marc outright read her thoughts.

This, in apparent retaliation for when she accidentally walked in on him while taking a shower. Then, he got a concerned call from the school principal.  

“Mister Cantrell,” he began, “Were you aware that your daughter, Megan, left school midday and never returned to campus? I’ve also received a complaint from a boy named Tatum, that she willfully invaded his thoughts. Personally, I think the boy has been watching too much of that old TV show from the sixties, myself. But, still he seemed rattled and has requested a change in his school schedule to make certain he’s not in the same classes as she. You can see my problem, can’t you? It’s late in the school year to make such a switch. And if I don’t address the problem, the school is facing a lawsuit.”
“I see,” Nathaniel said. “So, you’re asking me to transfer my daughter to another school, is that it? Like you said, it’s rather late in the school year to be making such switches.  We’re talking a Sim week left. I’ll talk to Megan about the alleged incident. But the notion she somehow invaded his thoughts willfully or otherwise— well, you have to agree that’s simply ludicrous. Unless he means he has on hell of a crush on her, that is.”  Nathaniel’s laugh was more of a nervous nature than true levity. “All right, okay. At the very least, she will apologize to the young man, and perhaps, that will quell the difficulties.” 

   “Talk, talk, talk! That’s all anybody wants to do these days. Never solves anything. I’m about to expel your daughter from my school! Stick that in your box of writing tricks and turn it into a bestseller. Good day, sir!” 

Nathaniel let out a heavy sigh. What was he to do? The twins were, indeed, out of control. Elsa, for the longest time, would keep tabs on Marc either by randomly inviting him to hangout at her place, or calling and asking if she could hang out here. Why did she suddenly stop? He wondered. Nathaniel rubbed at the growing stiffness in his neck. What, indeed, was he to do? 

Jaylen, who was now on a minor league walked through the room. He saw his brother and frowned. “Hey, what’s up with you? You look like the world is sitting on your shoulders. Want me to massage that out of you?” He reached for his brother’s shoulders.
“It’s the twins,” Nathaniel said, stepping behind the bar and mixing himself a drink. “Want one?”
“One of the twins?” Jaylen looked confused. “Oh, no, not a drink, unless it’s strictly fruit or vegetable juice. Got a big game coming up. So, what’s up with the twins?”
“I’m not sure. They both seem restless, discontent,” Nathaniel held up a hand. “Yes, I know what you’re about to say. That’s normal for Megan. But, it’s not for Marc.”
Very slowly Jaylen nodded his head. “If you don’t mind, I think I know what may help.”
A few nights later, Jaylen received a phone call from Jackie Harris, inviting him out to a local bar for “Alien Night”. Nathaniel had just gotten home from work. “Nate, hey,” Jaylen began. “Okay if I take Marc and Megan out for a little while tonight? Let them burn off some of that pent up steam? Might help, you never know.”
“Sure, something’s got to give.”
With that the uncle invited the twins to Windenburg for a night out. Standing in front of the bar, Marc looked at his uncle. “What’s this all about, Jay?”
“That’s uncle Jay to you. Just thought you two needed some time away. You know, to let your hair down, and your disguises.”
“Disguises,” the twins said in unison. Marc half-laughed in his obvious discomfort.
“Yeah, you see tonight is Alien Night at the bar. Thought that being around others like you might make you feel more at ease with yourselves.”
“Like us? What are you saying? How did —”
“I was there when you two were born. Your father is my only brother and I remember how he was abducted right before he married Sophia, who, by the way, wasn’t your biological mother. We all thought your Dad’s  “morning sickness” and his sudden weight gain was empathy for Sophia who got pregnant right away. Then you two were born. Now, come on, off with the disguise and get on inside and have some fun.”  

Reluctantly the twins complied, feeling rather naked, at first. Then they saw several people dressed like they were slowly trickle into the establishment. Most of them bore a greenish hue, while the twins were lavender in color. But, all were bald with black eyes. The two went inside. Before long, Megan was laughing and having a very enjoyable time. Marc was a tad more reluctant. After a time, when an older female alien kept giving him the ‘eye’, he finally took a seat next to her at the bar. They chatted and pretty soon he was feeling flirty. This scared him a bit. He’d never felt this way, before, but perhaps he was just growing up? 

Looking around, he didn’t see his uncle anywhere. Taking a quick walk outside, he finally found the Sim. Asleep in a bush. Marc went back inside the bar. About an hour or so later, Jaylen collected the twins and brought them back home. “Back into your disguises, in case the others are still up. I don’t want to answer questions — and neither do you.”  

“Okay,” Marc said. With his hand on the doorknob, he turned slightly toward his uncle and said, “Hey, Uncle Jay, the next time there’s an “Alien Night” will you let us know? That was fun. In an odd sort of way.”
“You got it. Come along, Megan. You both have school tomorrow.”


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