Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Generation Eight — Chapter One: Baby, Oh, Baby, Oh BABY, It's Triplets!

Trenton barely got home from the restaurant when Tiana went into labor. Seemed like it was only yesterday Tiana announced the Big News. Jumping around in a near panic, he could hardly believe it was time. If only his mother had hung on one more day. The irony was stupefying. But he had no time to wallow, he needed to run around, flailing his arms about, and doing absolutely nothing to help. What was it he was supposed to do? Regulate her breathing? Call the doctor? Get her luggage and her into the car? What?
What he did know is he was hungry, from the long shift. So, he foraged in the fridge, hoping for a tasty leftover, but he discovered he was going to have to make something for himself. Tiana was upstairs, napping. Doing her best to follow her doctor’s orders, which was for her to conserve her energy. They were to contact the doctor when the contractions were five minutes apart for about an hour. Or, was that an hour apart for five minutes? He was still in panic mode, unable to think.
What was it the doctor had said? Oh, yeah, first babies took a long time. So Trenton filled his time fixing a bite to eat. Then, he’d check on Tiana.
With Tiana fully asleep, Trenton was having difficulty judging the time between the contractions. He couldn’t even tell if she was still in labor. Next thing he knew, she sat up in bed, moaning, and went to stand before that strange alien bassinet his family had kept over the years. He soon realized they’d waited too long. This birth was going to happen at home. Or in the car, if he dared try to take her to the hospital at this point.
But, why stand before the bassinet? Wouldn’t gravity pull the baby downward? Wouldn’t it be more likely to fall on its head? Is that where the old adage, Bouncing baby boy came from? He just knew he didn’t want his child bouncing onto the floor. He tried to get Tiana to come back to bed, but she continued to stand before the bassinet, moaning, grabbing a her abdomen and all but calling him names. 

Finally, a baby appeared in the bassinet. A girl. They named her Betsy. Tiana was back to moaning, however. Next thing he knew a bassinet appeared out of nowhere with another baby tucked inside. Another girl. They called her Hannah. Still Tiana moaned some more. Trenton was getting nervous at this point. Twins. And Tiana, apparently wasn’t done! Baby, oh, baby, oh, baby, he sighed. Twins. Then Tiana moaned really, really hard and out popped another baby, into a bassinet that just appeared out of nowhere. My, but Social Services had some interesting abilities. This child was his long awaited son. They named him Seth.
Triplets. Trenton shook his head. At least they got their family in one shot. Good thing they wanted more than just the one child. But, … triplets? The thought of what life had just become was staggering to the new father. If he was worried about feeding one child, he now had three little mouths to keep full. And oh, the diapers! How many cases would be required?

James, Gramps and even Jett were all on hand when the three began to wail in unison. Tiana, barely on her feet, breast-fed Betsy, while James fed a bottle to Hannah, and Gramps bottle fed Seth. Happily, these Sims were experienced. They agreed to be ‘on duty’ for the next go-around, with Tiana breast-feeding Hannah, next and then Seth the round after that. Seeing they had more hands than required, Trenton slapped Jett on the back and said, “I’m going to bed, what about you?”
“Congratulations, Nephew. You outdid yourself. Triplets. Wow. I’m crawling off to bed, too. We have a restaurant to run, after all.”  

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