Friday, July 1, 2016

Generation Five — Chapter Eight: A Changing of the Guard

With Rory happily married, and Ericka quick to announce her “Big News”, Joseph’s sense of humor was instantly bumped into turbo-mode. He contemplated remodeling the top floor, restoring it to the apartment it once was, then quickly realized the money wasn’t to be had. And although he was doing rather well, recently gaining yet another promotion, to Roast Master, Simoleons were still tight. That left little to no room to afford a loan. He supposed it was due to the additional mouths to feed. Rory got himself a great job, for which his father was proud. He chose a career in Science. Since Ericka was already expecting, it was decided she shouldn’t try to get a job at this time. 
That put a burden on Joseph, but he was just so pleased with Rory taking on responsibility, he could hardly complain. Besides, this new addition to the family had given Joseph plenty of fodder for his routines.  Once again the bills arrived. They were pretty high, too. Over seven thousand Simoleons. Again, he relied on harvesting the nearby wild plants. Joseph as it turned out had several in his inventory already, and when they were cashed in brought quite a few Simoleons, to his surprise and relief. 
With Rory’s check and the harvest, Joseph had just enough to pay off the utility bill before the power was shut off. What was leftover was enough to take Aubrey out to Chez Llama for her birthday/graduation celebration.  Joseph found himself wondering just which career she might choose. Full of mischief, her certainly hoped and prayed she steered clear of the Mobwives and a life of crime. They already had a thug in their family tree, after all, not wishing to add to the family lore.
He found himself pleased when she announced her chosen path.
“Dad! I got accepted. I’m going to be a Spy!”
“A spy?”
“Yes,” she said, all but jumping up and down. “I can’t wait to review the Intelligence Database on the web! Mm, might be something juicy, you never know,…” That quickly, the young woman all but bounced out of the room to the second floor Music Room. In the far corner was Dr. Marc Cantrell’s desk and computer. A very nice setup, state-of-the-Art, his work had awarded him.

      Joseph laughed and went about grilling up some dinner for his burgeoning family.
 Life just couldn’t get any better than this, he realized. Then it occurred to him, maybe he should pass over the reigns to Rory. He was, again, just days off of becoming an Elder, and he’d managed to double his time as the Patriarch. Not wishing to be compared to the Queen of Simgland, whose son was middle-aged and still waiting for his chance at the throne, Joseph decided he would approach Rory.  If receptive, Joseph would let himself fade into the background.

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