Saturday, June 11, 2016

Generation Five — Chapter Three: Promotions, Commotions and Growth


     Joseph’s confidence was growing, daily, along with his most recent promotion to Comedian.  He didn’t even mind turning thirty. After his mother passed, he made certain to keep his family together. Jameson called him up and the two went out to breakfast one morning at the newest restaurant in town.  The place, Chez Llama, was rather posh, so he dressed for the occasion. He’d met his wife there one evening after work, and made use of the microphone to entertain and to try out a new routine. He’d practiced on Gramps. His efforts were well received, his jokes getting better. So much so, he chose to refine his older routines. After seeing the photos Jaylah had snapped of him, he also decided to refine himself— which meant he needed to get trim.  Being in the Entertainment field, it was all but a requirement.

While all of this was happening, Rory had gone from baby to a child in grade school. Where had the time gone, Joseph asked? The boy was bright. Almost too bright for his own good. Alone, experimenting at his new science lab table, suddenly something — or someone, since the place was largely haunted, drew him from his desk where he worked, to the child’s bedroom. The lab station was on fire!  

    Thankfully, able to put out the flames quickly, no one was hurt. Jaylah escorting Rory out of the house. But it got Joseph thinking. He only had the one child. What if Rory had been killed? Joseph was the Patriarch, it was up to him to keep the family going. He made up his mind after this scare to see if his wife was up to having another child. What could it hurt, after all? Joseph loved children. And, he had a duty. 

        “So, whaddya say, up to trying for another one?”  
“Another one? What?”
“Yeah, let’s ditch the birth control and go for it. Let’s have another child. Rory shouldn’t grow up alone. I had my brothers growing up. Still do.”
“Well, … I am just getting back into the swing of things at work. But, you’re right. What will Rory do when we’re both gone? He’ll be alone. Okay, I’m game.”
To his delight and surprise Jaylah was quite amenable to the idea of another child. They had a great deal of fun out in the hot tub, suffice it to say. Within a very short time, she was sharing with him the Big News.  
     They moved Rory into Joseph’s old room, so they could repair the fire damage and get it ready for the little newcomer.  
Before long, Joseph became aware of more construction going on at the other end of town. A diner was going in. Once it was open, he gathered up his son and invited his two brothers out to breakfast. He would have brought Jaylah along, too, but she’d only just gotten off of the late shift and was remarkably tired. He left her a short note, saying he was taking Rory out for the day, for her to rest and they would catch up later. 
The new diner, Millie’s, was a quaint country-style place. The service was prompt, the food of good quality. Joseph even liked the coffee. After their meal the Cantrell men went off to the park in Oasis Springs, Desert Bloom. The men goofed around with Rory as he pretended to be the captain of a starship, both Joseph and Josiah acting as space monsters trying to attack the ship. After a time, they wandered over to a small spring to fish. Joseph caught a minnow, and Rory, first time at fishing, caught a very rare Cowplant seed.

Just as expected, when father and son returned home, Eric was enticed by the Cowplant seed. With Rory’s okay, he went and planted it in their garden. Talking to it, he fertilized it, and gave the rest of the garden its due attention. Within a short time, Erik was able to evolve the Cowplant that went to nice in quality. It was such a cute little plant. Big cow’s head and all. 
Jaylah continued to work, and was just on her way home for the evening, having left early, because she’d gone into labor. For a moment, she contemplated calling Joseph at work, but after glancing at the clock realized he would be home shortly anyway. No sense in making him anxious.
Joseph came in and immediately grabbed a bite to eat. He often fasted prior to a gig, learning that a full stomach might induce him to vomit. Nerves, that he still suffered from! There were just enough servings of the sausage and peppers he had grilled up the night before to go around. He and Rory ate together. Rory finished up his homework, and did the extra-credit, too. Joseph headed upstairs to work on a new routine. In a very short time, Jaylah presented him with a baby daughter. Aubrey. She was a beautiful shade of lavender, with haunting light eyes. He suspected he was going to have to beat the boys off with a stick, once she got older. For now, she was his precious little princess.

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