Friday, January 8, 2016

Generation Two —Chapter Six: A Night Out Meets The Stork?

Jade really loved being a mother. She enjoyed the time she had off for maternity leave. Soon, she was going to have to get back to work. Feeling a tad overwhelmed and out of sync, she decided to hone her skills before going back to the grind of the Business world. She was glad that Ayden was more than willing to help her get up to speed on her job requirements. Logic was something she struggled with, for one. So, he spent many an evening, after little Nathaniel was in bed for the night playing chess with her. One of these evenings she received a text message from a friend. Jade realized she hadn’t been spending much time out of the house, lately, so when she was invited to join her friends at a dance party, she went.  
She was fully rested, having adapted to the late nights of taking care of her beautiful baby boy. She was also delighted to see Patrice, once she got to the clubhouse. Jade took to the dance floor immediately. She had just a few more pounds to shed after giving birth. What better way than to dance them off? Happily, she remembered all of her moves and showed them off, too. Then she got a wild thought and challenged Patrice to a Dance Off. It was fun. Although, Jade couldn’t tell who won. Seems Patrice had a few moves of her own. This little bit of competition helped to strengthen their ties, too.

Sometimes Patrice was rather aloof. Jade was strongly considering throwing a dinner party, of which she would invite Patrice. She knew this would please Ayden, Erik and probably Braylon, too, so long as she threw it early enough in the day so he could participate, that is. She still wondered just what it was he did for a living. Any time the question came up, he was so evasive and, in fact, would twist things around with any number of mischievous antics. He loved to tease.
After her outing, which felt so good, reminding Jade she was a bit of a party animal at heart, Ayden met her in the drive.  
“I woke up and you were gone,” he said, kissing her on both cheeks.
“I should have left a note, I’m sorry,” Jade said. “My friends invited me to a dance party. It’s been so long …”
“I know. I need to take you out more often. Did you have a good time?”
Jade smiled broadly. “It was glorious. I may have beat Patrice in the dance challenge.”
“You’re not sure?”
“It was just a little strange. I danced first, she tried to follow along. In the end no one said anything. Maybe it was a tie?”
Ayden smiled, kissed her, and taking her by the hand led her into their bedroom where he closed the door. “May I have this dance?” he said, as he slid open the closet door.

Later, she was so glad they chose the closet over their bed. Not long after the closet door was slid shut, they heard their bedroom door open. When they finished their little romp of woohoo and stepped out of the closet, they were both surprised to see Braylon sitting at Ayden’s desk, using his computer.
Jade cast a glance at Ayden, who seemed peeved. She was equally peeved. This had to stop. Braylon had little to no sense of privacy and it was getting old. Fast. If she and Ayden ever got two minutes alone, truly alone, to discuss it, she was going to advocate that Braylon move out on his own. It was time. He was no longer a boy, had a steady job. He should be fine. Half of his problem, she was certain, is that he wasn’t allowed to stretch his own wings. Don’t birds nudge their chicks out of the nest at some point? 

A short time later, Jade became aware that her little unguarded moment of woohoo fun had put her back in the family way. Nathaniel was still a baby, although not for long. This would put a possible Sim year between them. Certainly, her hands were going to be very full from here on out. Excited, although dubious, she was quick to share her “big news” with Ayden.  
He was elated. The weeks went by and then she received yet another text from friends, reminding her she was the Leader of the Partihaus Club and just how long had it been between group meetings? Nauseous as she was, Jade went ahead and scheduled a dance party. She danced her little heart out, too.

Between running to the bathroom all too often, she was ravenous. She ordered something ‘safe’, or so she thought. It had always been a favorite. My, oh, my had they spiced it up, or what? Suddenly, her mouth was on fire. Shortly afterward, needing sleep badly, she ended the party and went home.   

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