Saturday, December 19, 2015

Generation Two —Chapter Four: Answering Cupid's Call

        Ayden couldn’t get Jade off of his mind. He found himself daydreaming at work, his focus fractured for a time. He knew he had to see her again. Despite how exhausted he was the day after, he was actually thankful Patrice had called and all but insisted he meet her in Windenburg for a dance party. Ever since Jade had become a near obsession with him. He had to see her again. 

     Back at work, things were still in turmoil. Several of the officers stood around, mourning the two who perished. Ayden couldn’t help but wonder if he shouldn’t find a way to set the spirits of these former co-workers free.  He would just have to put in another call to his aunt and see if she knew of a way. At least, with him bringing her his rather unique problem, it forced him to keep in contact with that side of his family. His aunt was always glad to hear from him. 
When he could focus, he did his job well. Although, his recent behavior got him a bit of a reprimand from the Chief. Despite his track record of hauling in the baddies around town, he wasn’t above getting the boot. In no uncertain terms, the Chief made it known she could and would have his badge, if his performance didn’t improve.
This was enough impetus to get him to focus. He got another case file and got to work. Adding clues to the board, he also followed up with what he saw as an interesting pattern at play, here. He cross-referenced both the crime scene samples, as well as the witness statements. Then he spent more time staring at the board. Solving another case should please the Chief. So, Ayden resolved to do just that. He went to the scene of the crime, next. He took pictures, collected evidence samples and witness statements. Again, there were ghosts wandering about the premises. Able to see and hear them, he took their statements as well.  

He was beginning to be immune to such sights. 

The next day, after doing some research into the paranormal, Ayden decided he would release the spirits in their Squad Room, and remove their urns. The distraction was such, the Willow Creek Police Department was held nearly paralyzed. He had to do something. Placing a hand on the urn, he murmured some encouraging words and then said in a bold voice, “I release you to the Netherlands, spirit of Assistant Jovan Sisk!” Then he stood up and watched as a strange mist coalesced about the urn and rose upward. A few moments later, he did the same for Assistant RigoBerto Devine, releasing him, too, to the Netherlands. His urn shot forth a rainbow of color, radiating about the urn heading upward with force. 
Ayden then collected and destroyed the urns, removing them entirely from the Squad Room. Then, he quietly went back to work on his case. At least, his thoughts were no longer disrupted by the incessant weeping of Bobbi and some of the other females on the force.
After all the analyzing that could be done, was, he added still more clues to the board. Then he stood back and took a good hard look. Another clue presented itself. Finally, Ayden had enough information to issue an APB. Not long afterward, he was called to Desert Lounge. 
Curiously, while standing on the sidewalk just outside of the lounge, he was hit with a wave of sadness. So much so, he decided it best to call the Sadness Hotline. After a conversation with a very understanding Sim, he shook off the grief and went inside the tavern. Work, he had learned was the best way to overcome such emotions. 

As he made his way up the stairs inside, he could hear the music of a violin. The Sim playing was pretty good. Reaching into his wallet, he thought to tip the violinist. However, before he reached the top, the music stopped. Looking around the room, there were a several  Sims here on this late afternoon. 
Amongst them, he found an adult male Sim, with black hair, wearing long sleeves. He appeared to fit the description. All Ayden needed was to see if he was also hot-headed, as the clues suggested the perpetrator was. Taking the opposite seat at the table, he quickly introduced himself and began a conversation with the possible suspect.
The guy was unemployed, Ayden learned. When asked about the suspect, the man got a tad nervous and tried to suggest he was ‘over there’. When Ayden turned his head to take a look in the indicated direction, the man got up from the table they shared and walked away.
Ayden followed him over to the bar, continuing their conversation. After only a short time, he decided this had to be the guy. Ayden put him under arrest and whisked him off to the station. Glancing at the clock, he only had time enough to take his mug shot, search him and get his fingerprints before it was time for Ayden to clock out. He’d put in some overtime, but for the Chief’s announcement the city was cutting back and no more overtime was to be allowed for awhile.  

So, reluctantly, Ayden locked up the suspect.   

When he got home, he realized he was dog-tired. His body ached and he needed to eat. Of course, that’s when Patrice called trying to entice him to yet another outing. Another dance party. He turned her down, realizing he was likely missing the opportunity to spend more time with Jade. She belonged to the club that had likely organized the dance party. Realizing he wouldn’t be much company, Ayden ate the leftovers from the fridge and went to bed. He had three days off, which was good, he needed it. He’d go camping to really get away from it all, but for the fact he had so little money on tap. 

Early on Sunday morning, he arose fully rested, after taking it easy on Saturday to let himself recharge. Around ten in the morning, he called Jade Rosa and invited her on a date. She accepted. They traveled to Windenburg to a coffee house.    

They talked, they flirted, they got to know each other a bit more and then suddenly, he leaned over and kissed Jade. She seemed a bit taken aback, or at least surprised by his gesture, but not repulsed by it. Instead, she smiled. They talked some more, flirted so more and the next thing he knew Ayden was down on one knee and proposing to her. Her brown eyes grew wide and lit up, as she stared at the ring he presented to her.
“Oh, Ayden, it’s beautiful! I’m breathless. Yes, yes, I’ll marry you!” She slipped it on her finger and like most females held her hand out to admire the look of it on her hand. 

Ayden began to laugh. “For a moment, I was afraid you were going to turn me down.”
“Why would I do that? I love you. I was wondering what took you so long.”
“What do you mean, this feels much like a whirlwind to me.”
“Whirlwind isn’t such a bad thing. Besides, we’ve been dating on and off. I love the little texts you send me.”
Ayden took a look around them at the busy coffee house. People were coming and going ordering coffee and sometimes pastries.  “Let’s do it,” he said.
“Do what? Woohoo, here in public?”
“Well, that, too, if you’re game and we can find a bush or something. But what I meant was, let’s get married, right now. Elope. You don’t mind, do you?” 

Jade jumped into his arms with that. “Mind? I insist on it!”
And so, there in the coffee shop, with plenty of witnesses, the two said their vows.

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